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If you’re struggling to come up with ideas for your admissions essay, need help to clarify your message, or want expert advice to add a final polish to your draft, I can help.

Need Help Getting Into Graduate School?

You’re ready to learn more and earn more, but you want a strategic plan for getting in, an application that stands out, and support that frees up your time. I want to help.

Hello, I’m Shawna-Kaye Lester

Your admissions consultant and writing coach

Shawna-Kaye helped me demonstrate polish in every area of my college application. After every draft, I had learnt something about myself and I became a better writer because of it. In retrospect, her guidance prepared me for all the writing I had to do during my tenure at the University of Chicago, where I am now a medical student!

Tamari Miller

Admitted to: University of Chicago

Here Is What

I can help you with

Admissions Essays

Unlike your transcript, standardized test scores, resume and recommendations, personal essays allow you to tell the admissions committee, in your own voice, why you deserve a place in the incoming class. Especially when applying to competitive programs, a memorable essay can be a game changer.

Graduate School Admissions

You’re ready to commit your time and focus, and maybe even spend thousands of dollars, to attend your dream grad school. The rewards of becoming equipped to build your dream life are substantial, but you are only one person. Get expert guidance and support to remove the stress from your process.

Cover Letters and Resumes

Tailor your cover letter and resume to show that you have a genuine and well-supported conviction that you can add value to the company of your choice, and that the company can help you manifest your professional and personal dreams.

Recommendation Letters

If you don’t ask, you don’t get. Choose recommenders who will speak positively about you, and approach them armed with all the material they need to brag about and vouch for your excellent character and achievements.


Each piece of your application speaks for you. Let’s make sure you are putting your best self forward on every page, and that your entire application tells a cohesive, captivating and compelling story.

Interview Prep

If you are serious about acing your interview, let’s practice answers that paint you in a positive light and separate you from the pack. You’ll be able to answer even the toughest questions with clarity, sincerity and ease.

I came to Hamilton College in Clinton, New York, as an international student from Lithuania. Shawna-Kaye helped me to write a personal statement when I was applying to several liberal arts colleges in the United States. It would not be an exaggeration to say that Shawna-Kaye’s help contributed significantly towards my success in getting into Hamilton. She edited my essay from the first draft until the very final version. She not only corrected my grammar and style, but also helped me to develop and organize my ideas as well as make my writing more vivid and clearer. After a couple months of hard work, I had a personal statement I was proud of. I am extremely lucky I received such high quality editing in a very timely manner at a definitive junction in my life.

Agnė Jakubauskaitė

Admitted to: Hamilton College

You don’t have to apply alone!

From selecting the schools that best fit you, to drafting a memorable essay and securing stellar recommendations, we’re discussing everything you need to successfully stand out from the rest and win.

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How does this all work?

It depends on the service you want. Essay editing and copyediting orders can be placed right away, directly from the Writing Help page. For writing coaching, graduate admissions consulting, resume editing, mock interviews and other services, book a free consultation below or email info@www.memorableessay.com.

Which services do you provide for graduate school applicants?

A comprehensive package of graduate placement services : clarifying how going to graduate school will help you fulfill your professional and life goals, planning to fund your studies, establishing an application timeline, researching and shortlisting schools, writing a memorable essay, choosing and approaching recommenders, polishing your application, applying for scholarships and practicing to ace your interviews. Packages are tailored to suit your needs.

Do you offer preparation classes for the SAT, GRE, or other standardized tests?

No, I do not. However, I am happy to help you identify test prep providers with a track record of excellent results as well as stellar test-optional schools.

Do you offer comprehensive college counseling services?

Yes. Please be in touch (shawna@www.memorableessay.com) if you would like to discuss a customized college counseling package.

I see you’re a writing coach, does that mean you will write my essay for me?

No, I won’t write  your essay for you. My role as an admissions writing coach is to help you use your own stories and writing voice to win your dream opportunity and learn how to sell yourself through writing. I’ll guide and support you as little or as much as you need. We brainstorm, I support, you write, we polish, and you win.

How long do you take to deliver your services?

This depends on the service you require and the stage of the process you are in. For example, graduate admissions consulting is delivered over several months, and editing and copyediting jobs are done within 48-96 hours. Memorable Essay Writing Academy lasts for six weeks. When the Academy is not in session, regular writing coaching is available and is delivered within two-three weeks.

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