Make the selection committee desperately want to interview you

with an application that stands out

Memorable Essay™ Medical Fellowship Academy gives you proven, personalized help, so you can easily and quickly write a personal statement that makes you unforgettable.

Do you feel:
· Nervous that you won’t match into a fellowship?
· Tired from working on your personal statement and CV while doing your rotations?
· Anxious that being an IMG will make it more difficult for you to land interviews?
· Eager to get your application done?

You’ve researched what fellowship programs want, so you know you must stand out in order to match on your first try.

You can’t wait to be done with your application, but you’re procrastinating on writing your personal statement — second-guessing your sentences and wondering if what you say will help you get interviews.

Imagine going from working on your personal statement and making little to no progress to writing it with confidence and ease, knowing that it’s moving you closer to your dream match.

Picture coming up with a clear, cohesive, and persuasive personal statement that increases your chance of matching into one of your Top 3 programs
Imagine feeling relieved that you have step-by-step, personalized guidance to craft your personal statement and CV to perfection
Visualize making significant progress in the 1-2 hour slots you’ve carved out for writing, instead of staring at your laptop
Consider getting more sleep because you are spending less time writing
Think about the joy you will feel when you see your name beside your top-choice school

I needed help with a fellowship application essay and making my CV look more professional. I was able to meet these goals and on at least 3 interviews was told how great my application essay was.

I loved the one-on-one consulting, it felt very personable. I loved the attention to detail and research Shawna-Kaye did for my application. She took the time to see my vision and what I wanted to express.

– Francis Christian, M.D., St. Matthew’s University

Matched into Pulmonary and Critical Care, College of Medicine, University of Oklahoma

Don’t rely on guesswork or overpriced, impersonal services

These are the exact results from doctors like you, who were once staring at their medical fellowship personal statement every day, hoping to write something impressive enough to land interviews.

That’s where Memorable Essay™ Medical Fellowship Academy comes in, taking you from losing sleep time struggling to write your personal statement to quickly writing a compelling personal statement that makes the selection committee desperately want to interview you.

What you get from Memorable Essay:

1:1 consults to help you:
  • choose the personal and professional experiences that will make your personal statement hard to forget
  • avoid communication mistakes that automatically send you to the “Reject” pile
  • prepare for your interview, so you confidently express what you bring to the table
7 writing tools to ensure you make the selection committee understand why you are perfect for their program
Careful editing to ensure you submit a personal statement and CV without any embarrassing spelling mistakes or grammatical errors. Required revisions are already included in your pricing.
Expert guidance, so you stop wasting time second-guessing and finally submit your application
Email, WhatsApp, and phone call support to take you from struggling on your own to getting closer to “Congratulations!” faster

Memorable Essay™ Medical Fellowship Academy is a customized, one-on-one personal statement, CV, and interview support service unlike any other: You get the close attention, customized writing help, and ongoing support you need to get into your top-choice program.

When you match into your top program because you submitted the most impressive application possible, you will be on your way to practicing medicine the way you want to and making a bigger difference in the lives of the people and communities you care about.


You need to finish and submit your application. You need to match this year.

You want the confidence and peace of mind that comes from knowing your personal statement and CV stand out from the rest. You didn’t survive residency to stop now.

You are ready to write your way into the fellowship of your dreams.

I really enjoyed the honest feedback for my work!

Asana, M.B.B.S, University of the West Indies, at Mona

Matched into Rheumatology, Lewis Katz School of Medicine, Temple University.

Hi, I’m Shawna-Kaye.

I work with ambitious medical doctors like you, because you are fiercely committed to having the career and lifestyle you want.


You’ve survived residency, and you’re intent on completing a fellowship. The only problem is you need to stand out amongst thousands of your peers in order to be chosen. I designed Memorable Essay™ Medical Fellowship Academy to help you do just that.


When you work with me, not only do you benefit from my experience in admissions, human resources, and public relations, but you also get a supporter dedicated to helping you create the medical career you have been working toward for so long.

Have Questions?

See the Frequently Asked Questions below

Will you write my essay for me?

No. My role as an admissions and career consultant and writing coach is to help you use your own stories and writing voice to win your dream opportunity.

I also aim to help you learn how to advocate for yourself through writing. Therefore, I’ll guide and support you as little or as much as you need.

We brainstorm, I support, you write, we polish, and you win.

Do you also edit CVs?

Yes. Memorable Essay™ Medical Fellowship Academy provides editing help for personal statements and CVs, as well as mock interviews.

How long does this take?

This depends on the service you require.

Each round of editing and copyediting jobs is delivered within 48-96 hours.

Writing coaching happens on a customized time table, but is normally delivered within two-four weeks.

Mock interviews are 90 minutes long, with follow-up email support.

Do you write personal statements for your clients?

No. I guide your writing, so Writing Coaching is a done-with-you service. Think about it this way: I listen to you, we brainstorm possible topics and angles, I guide, you write and rewrite. Then, I polish and you shine.

Can you edit my personal statement and get it back to me today?

Email to find out. Writing a memorable personal statement takes time. You get the best results from your investment in Memorable Essay™ Medical Fellowship Academy if you allot at least a few days for your work to be edited or otherwise polished.

That said, I understand that life happens.

Editing (+$55) and copyediting (+$45) services delivered within 24 or fewer hours attract an extra charge.

Writing coaching (+$75) delivered within a week attracts an extra charge.

Do you offer discounts?

In order to provide you the highest quality support and attention, Memorable Essay™ Medical Fellowship Academy does not offer discounts on single services.

We offer cost-saving bundles if you would like to work with Memorable Essay™ on your personal statement, CV, and interview preparation. Bundles comprised of three services are 10% cheaper than the cost of purchasing single services.

If you need free help, you will not be turned away—book a free consult in which I will not try to sell you anything; instead, I will help you get one actionable solution to your current problem. You can also refer to our blog for free guidance, or join the Memorable Essay™ Facebook community to get your questions answered for free.

How do I pay?

Payments are made securely via PayPal, direct bank transfers, or via

A 50% deposit must be made before work begins, and the remaining 50% must be paid before your final product is delivered.

Do you have a refund policy?


Memorable Essay™ offers free initial consults to be sure that we can meet your needs. Once you agree to work with us and work begins, all payments made to date are non-refundable.

Memorable Essay™ reserves the right to sever ties with clients who become abusive, uncooperative, or otherwise impossible to work with, without refunding any payments.

If you’re wondering

Can Shawna do the same for me?