Are you ready to match into fellowship? 

I’m Shawna-Kaye. I work with busy, driven medical doctors like you, to help you:

  • write a memorable personal statement
  • revamp your CV
  • get strong letters of recommendation
  • come up with, practice, and master persuasive interview responses

So that you match into a fellowship you love, in a city you want to be in,
without losing sleep or feeling stressed.

I have helped doctors successfully match into:

Geriatrics and palliative care
Infectious diseases
Pediatric gastroenterology
Pulmonology and critical care

In 2007, I was one of ten seniors at my alma mater, Bates College, selected by the deans of admissions to help interview prospects and choose the class of 2012.

Candidate after candidate showed me the same thing:

How you communicate your achievements and motivation, rather than what those achievements and motivation actually are, can make or break your application or interview… and determine where you’re ranked in a pool of competitive applicants.

I took this insight with me after graduation, supporting hundreds of students as a college admissions consultant, and later, working with friends applying to graduate medical training.

For most of my teenage years and 20s, I wanted to become a physician; so most of my closest friends are doctors. One day, while talking with a friend as she was applying for medical residency, she kept saying, “I don’t have anything to write about.”

I knew that wasn’t true.

As I remembered some of the patient interaction stories she had shared with me, my brain started to light up with ideas. They illustrated perfectly how her medical training had prepared her to excel in residency. I also felt her personal characteristics and motivation made her more than worthy of matching into any program she desired.

I supported her using the expertise I’d gained from my years as a college admission consultant, journalist, and communicator.

My goal? That programs would feel they were lucky to have her apply.

When she interviewed for match, a selection committee member let her know how much they loved her application.

This experience blossomed into me supporting other physicians applying to residency and, eventually, to medical fellowship. And selection committees have been just as excited to meet them.

Program directors are clear about the main factors that determine who they invite to interview, and that how you interact with faculty during your interview heavily impacts where you are ranked.

What your application says about you and your commitment to the specialty is critical to ensuring you match.

This means you need tounderstand what unique value you can add to your dream program.You’ll choose LOR writers who can provide evidence of that value. Then you have to communicate your value in your application so the selection committee understands whythey need youto join their team.

Doing this doesn’t have to be time-consuming, nerve-wracking, or stressful.

With personalized and expert support, you will stop wrestling with your application and start packing your bags and saying goodbye to residency.

With help, you’ll finish and submit your application, moving you one step closer to settling down in a city and getting on with the life you want.

Memorable Essay® Medical Fellowship Consulting was created with your immediate needs and long-term goals in mind.

Here are the options:

You’ve written your personal statement and revised it a few times, but you know it’s still ordinary. You’re wondering how you can improve it so it brags about all you have achieved. You need to make sure what you’ve written is memorable — something that makes the selection committee feel there is something special about you. Polished and Done is what you need.

You’re sitting at your laptop staring at the cursor again, wondering how you’ll ever complete your personal statement. You type a few lines here and there, but you can’t connect them to make a final draft. You have written down a bunch of ideas, but what you want is to stand out.

Honestly, you’re tired of wasting time struggling to turn your thoughts into a personal statement that makes a strong case for you to be invited to interview. You would love if someone would just show you, step by step, how to get it done. They won’t write your statement for you, but they’ll show you how to do it twice as fast with half the effort. Start to Finish has your name on it.

>> You haven’t come this far in your medical training to start settling now. You’re committed to going hard on every aspect of your fellowship application, because you plan to match into a seriously competitive specialty. But you barely have any time to sleep between doing your rotations, studying, and trying to get recommendations that will seduce the selection committee.

Time is your most valuable asset. So you’re looking for comprehensive, robust support to ensure your personal statement makes you stand out, your LORs and CV make an excellent first impression for you, and your interview responses make your dream programs rank you highly.

VIP support, Application Companion, is what the doctor ordered.

I needed help with a fellowship application essay and making my CV look more professional. I was able to meet these goals and on at least 3 interviews was told how great my application essay was.

I loved the one-on-one consulting, it felt very personable. I loved the attention to detail and research Shawna-Kaye did for my application. She took the time to see my vision and what I wanted to express.

– Francis Christian, M.D., St. Matthew’s University

Matched into Pulmonary and Critical Care, College of Medicine, University of Oklahoma

Memorable Essay® Medical Fellowship Consulting is for you if:

You want to finish your application faster and with professional support, but you intend to write your own personal statement.
You understand that creating an application that makes the selection committee remember you and invite you to interview takes time and keen attention to detail/multiple rounds of eagle-eyed support.
You’re interested in investing in quality, professional support to make your application journey easier, because you want the best chance possible of matching into a program you love.
You value a proven track record and high-quality services that can save you time, prevent stress, and bring you closer to practicing medicine on your terms.

Memorable Essay® Medical Fellowship Consulting isn’t for people who:

Want someone to write their personal statement and create their CV for them. I do not provide ghost-writing services for applicants.
Think they need “just a quick look” over their application. I don’t provide surface support, because my experience has shown me that you get excellent results when I provide multiple rounds of consultations and rigorous feedback.
Are not prepared to invest in quality, professional support to make their application journey easier.
Aren’t particular about the program they match into or the terms under which they practice in the future.


Frequently Asked Questions

No. I do not provide ghost-writing services. I provide story branding, admissions consulting, and writing coaching services. I support you.

The service you choose depends on the result you desire. Please book a consultation to find out which service is best for you and what that investment costs.

No. I do not advise all clients to say the same thing. My client’s applications never sound generic, for two reasons: I don’t write for you, so your voice and style remain intact. Additionally, I encourage all clients to tell ‘their story’. No one has your exact story.

This depends on the service you need and your own abilities. For example, Start to Finish, the most popular personal statement support service, typically takes four weeks to complete, but has taken as long as five weeks and as short as one week (express delivery).

Yes. I support a small number of clients at a time to ensure you receive my full attention; have generous, hands-on support; and get high-quality results. So I cannot guarantee that I will have capacity in peak seasons. You can secure your place ahead of time. Please book a consultation to do so.